Friday, January 18, 2013

Period 5 & 6

Since we will not have class from Thursday until Tuesday, please read Romeo and Juliet Act II (the whole thing) before class on Tuesday. Make sure you make notes (in book if yours, on sticky notes if not) about your reading. We will talk about Act II and start reading Act III on Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Reading

Okay...this is what I can remember for my summer list. I meant to keep better track, but it was hard. I also listened to MANY books on CD. I can't remember all of those!
City of Bones - Cassandra Clare (YA) - fantasy  REREAD (for 4th book of series)
The Realms of the Gods - Tammora Pierce  - fantasy
The Son of Neptune - Rick Riordan - fantasy
                        Short Review: This was interesting because of the Roman point of view. It was                  WAY more action than character.
The Mysterious Benedict Society - Trenton Stewart - mystery
                        Short Review: A good book with action and mystery...great for kids!
Leviathan - Scott Westerfield - science fiction
                        Short Review: A great book for "alternate history" of WWI. A little more YA, but lots of action!
City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare (YA) - fantasy
Behemoth - Scott Westerfield - mystery
                       Book 2 of Leviathan series
The 13th Princess - Diane Zahler - fantasy
100 Cupboards - N.D. Wilson - fantasy
How I Survived Being a Girl - Wendelin Van Draanen - realistic fiction
                       Short Review: HYSTERICAL!
Ashes, Ashes - Jo Treggari - science fiction
The Demon King - Cinda Williams Chima - fantasy
The Man Who Was Poe - Avi - mystery/horror
Bat 6 - Virginia Euwer Wolff - historical fiction

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tri 3 Book Project - Try something new!

I have added links (see Online Resources menu) for all of the platforms (programs) that are allowed this time. Remember that you are NOT to do a summary. EVALUATE some element of the book (plot, characters, theme, setting, etc), and keep the book in mind when you design your presentation.

These are due next Thursday, 4/12. We will present in class Thursday and Friday of next week. Have fun! Try something new!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Reflections

All of the 6th grade Language Arts teachers were impressed with the overall level of thought that showed in the students' projects. We did have a day when they were displayed for students and teachers in the Lahguage Arts hall. Here are a few examples:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Debate Information

Our Mock Debate Days: Tues (3/27) & Wed (3/28)

HAL Students will participate on Tuesday morning, regardless of their science class. HAL students need to check their student gmail for their debate day/time.
You will need to turn in your t-chart, your house organizer, and your debate cards to Mrs. White when you finish. You will be graded on these items.

You can find copies of these documents here. Copies of the Pro and Con research articles are also available. Please go to Pioneer Online Library (the page you see at school) and click on the SIRS Issues Researcher link. Once it loads, find where it says Pro/Con in the top of the dialogue box and click on that. Then you can look up articles by topic...

Homework should be abolished.
Cell Phones should be allowed in schools.
Students should be paid for good grades.
Youth sports are too intense.

Your debate cards should be written with one opinion/argument card (Pro on one side, Con on the other), followed by 3 evidence cards (Pro on one side, Con on the other). Watch this video...sorry about the sound.

Remember! You should be prepared to argue Pro OR have no way to know which one you will be arguing.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Debate Day Topics

Here's the photo from today's lesson: The Lunchroom Murder , for those of you who are determined to solve the mystery.

Please think about which topic you'd like to research and debate:
  • Youth sports are too intense.
  • Cell phones should be allowed in schools.
  • Students should be paid for good grades.
  • Homework from school should be abolished.
On Monday, 3/19 you will need to declare your topic (turn in a paper committing to one). We will be talking about argument all next week...there will be NO Reading Response Letter due next week.